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Set of 4 Vintage Tiffin Pink Floral Etched Champagne Coupe Glasses (Set 1)

Set of 4 Vintage Tiffin Pink Floral Etched Champagne Coupe Glasses (Set 1)

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Vintage glassware for the modern table. Beautiful and delicate, these pink champagne coupes are a must-have for your home bar. If you missed the set I had last time around, here's your chance to scoop them up!

By Tiffin-Franciscan, in the style of the classic depression glass. Very delicate blown glass with floral motif and leaves etching.

Maker: Tiffin-Franciscan

Pattern: Stem #14196 - Pink, Cut Floral on Bowl

Production Time Period: Unknown

Glass Shape: Coupe Glass (Champagne)

Dimensions: 5" tall by ~3.75" in diameter. Holds 4 oz.

In very good vintage condition. No chips or cracks. All glasses do show minor wear from normal use. Some glasses may have slight imperfections from production such as bubbles and imperfect rims. One glass in this set has a very small flea bite along its rim. Please see the last photo, circled area is the flea bite. This set is priced to reflect this flaw.

How to Care For: Hand wash in lukewarm water with mild detergent. Rinse in same temperature water and hand dry. Do not place in dishwasher.

Please let your glasses come to room temperature after enjoying a chilled drink before washing! Vintage glassware is extremely temperature sensitive and going from cold to warm can "shock" the glass causing it to shatter.

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