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Vintage Set of 5 Imperial Glass Old Williamsburg Deep Blue Ultra Water Goblets/Wine Glasses

Vintage Set of 5 Imperial Glass Old Williamsburg Deep Blue Ultra Water Goblets/Wine Glasses

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Vintage glassware for the modern table. Set a regal table with this set of five goblets in a deep midnight blue color. This beautiful pattern is called Old Williamsburg, which is an excellent traditional-style pattern that fits in with several popular design tastes - such as Early American, Regency, and Modern Traditional. Use them as water goblets or a wine glass - I think would be perfect for a Bridgerton girls' night watch party! 

A Bit of Vintage History: Do you spot the imperfection? Two of these water goblets are slightly taller than the other three, standing at 6.625 inches rather than the standard 6.5 inches. Why? They are likely from a different production run, meaning a different set of molds would have been used. These glasses are pressed glass, made from pouring molten glass into molds. You can identify pressed glass by its seams, left when the molds with molten glass are pressed together. On these glasses you can see three seams, which come together to form the complete glass. Spot the seams on the foot and follow them through the stem and the bowl. 

Maker: Imperial Glass-Ohio

Pattern: Old Williamsburg Deep Blue Ultra (Stem 341)

Production Time Period: 1975-1980

Glass Shape: Water Goblet

Dimensions: 6.5 inches tall by about 3.5 inches wide. Hold 4 oz.

In excellent vintage condition. No chips or cracks. Please be advised, all items are secondhand and do show minor signs of wear.

These goblets are made of pressed glass and do have seams. There are also some small glass bubbles, typical of vintage glassware. 

How to Care For: Hand wash in lukewarm water with mild detergent. Rinse in same temperature water and hand dry. Do not place in dishwasher.

Please let your glasses come to room temperature after enjoying a chilled drink before washing! Vintage glassware is extremely temperature sensitive and going from cold to warm can "shock" the glass causing it to shatter.

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