Welcome to Coffee, Tea, Mimi!

I am so very excited to officially welcome you to Coffee, Tea, Mimi - my small shop and thrift lifestyle blog.

What exactly is Coffee, Tea, Mimi?

Well - it's a curated online shop full of vintage and thrift finds ready for their next chapter! Coffee, Tea, Mimi grew out of my lifelong habit of thrifting, and my enthusiasm for really using vintage and thrift finds in my everyday life. I always opt for thrifted treasures to decorate my home versus buying new from big box retail. And I believe vintage is a perfect way to add a touch of elegance and whimsy to your life - whether it be in your kitchen (hello, glassware) or your outfit. 

Here in my shop you'll find vintage tableware, glassware, and kitchenware; thrifted home decor and art; used books, refinished furniture, and upcycled items. I hand-pick, clean, and package each item. 

What is a "thrift lifestyle blog"?

I love all things home design and decor, entertaining, fashion, books, and art... but I love them even more when those things incorporate using vintage and thrift finds. I don't believe that buying secondhand is tacky - I see it as an affordable and creative way to bring luxury and high-end design into your everyday. On my journal, you'll find a variety of tips and tricks to help you become a savvy secondhand shopper. You'll also find an abundance of inspiration for how to use your vintage and thrift finds, along with how-to guides on caring for your new-to-you items to maximize their useful lifespan. It is my goal to share the joys of living a "thrifty lifestyle"!

Thank you for reading - I can't wait to share more.


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